KAISHAN KRSD Series Rotary Screw Compressors - 15 HP to 200 HP - Direct Drive

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KAISHAN USA Compressor - Model KRSD 15 to 200 HP - Direct Drive

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Air compressors, known as the fourth utility, are key to a business’s success. You need a compressor manufacturer that delivers reliable, innovative, efficient, and cost-effective products year after year.

Kaishan USA is the company you need to move forward with. Our experience, competitive prices, and focus on quality and innovation proves that we’ve earned our place as the third-largest manufacturer of air compressors in the world.


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Direct drive air compressors are part of Kaishan’s extensive line of air compressor products — intended for applications where durability, efficiency and reliability are key. Direct driven air compressors are a type of rotary screw air compressor and are typically compared with belt driven compressors when choosing the right equipment for an application.

In a direct drive air compressor, the motor is connected directly to the compressor, transferring power right from the motor to the pump. In contrast to a belt driven air compressor, where a belt facilitates the transfer of power, a direct driven compressor operates more efficiently, with no power lost in the transition from the motor to the belt to the pump. In addition, in terms of durability for a compressor, a direct drive compressor has fewer moving parts and, thus, is less subject to failure, while incurring reduced wear and tear.


A direct driven air compressor is the right choice for applications where reliable, efficient power is a must. Direct drive compressors are typically chosen for heavy-duty industrial applications, though they are also found in places such as repair shops. The direct drive compressor offers the ability to operate at extreme hot or cold temperatures and in other harsh conditions.

Industries where direct drive compressors are typically used include:

  • Automotive repair and manufacturing: Providing a strong, steady flow of air is required for many aspects of the automotive industry, beyond just inflating tires. These uses include pneumatic tools, lifts and more.
  • Energy: Oil drilling and gas extraction are two areas where a reliable compressed air supply is critical. Especially in oil drilling, where rigs are often hundreds of miles in the middle of the ocean, consistent airflow is necessary to keep drills and other equipment running.
  • HVAC: Without airflow, climate control equipment and installations will no longer work as intended. Direct drive air compressors are the right solution in areas such as this one, where 24/7 operation is frequently the norm.
  • Pharmaceutical: From cleanrooms to packaging, compressed air is widely used in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing — ensuring that equipment, people and products remain safe and contaminant-free.


We offer a wide range of rotary screw air compressors in the direct drive and belt driven variety.

All of our products include:

  • Sophisticated electronic controls: Simple operation of all parameters of your compressor, along with alerts and warnings for any abnormal performance.
  • Remote status monitoring: Monitor proper operation and collect data to predict maintenance and any other issues, no matter where you are.
  • Quiet, convenient operation: Direct drive compressors are typically considered to be very noisy equipment. Thanks to built-in shields, guards and enclosures, Kaishan compressors mitigate this issue to keep the shop floor — or any operating environment — quiet.
  • Safety: Multiple failsafe components help guarantee that the probability of accident — human and non-human — is reduced as much as possible.



Industrial Brand:
New with box
Without Dryer and Filter
Base Mounted Without Tank

KAISHAN KRSD BROCHURE (KRSD_Web.pdf, 2,000 Kb) [Download]


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